About Eztu Glass Art

EZTU GLASS ART was founded by Brian Yaputra in 1981, the company has evolved into a progressive and successful company with distinctive style and innovative approach to decorative and artistic glass works. Conducting business with many buyers in all parts of the world, supplying stained glass works for doors as well as custom made projects and is always the leader in domestic market.
Brian Yaputra has been the person behind the success of EZTU GLASS ART company.
His passion, talent and dedication for stained glass art and color; allowed him to flourish further.
He is the most talked about stained glass artist in domestic and Asia.
Under his management, the company has also decorated about 200  house of worships with stained glass works , probably is the world’s record.

By 1998,  Mounty Yaputra, the first son of the founder, having two years apprenticeship in a US glass company after finishing his study,  applied into the company, from merely art and decorative glasses into more architectural and specialty glasses.
By 2015,  he took office as the CEO of the company.

While, the second son Ken Yaputra,  is  in charge as the deputy Director of the company, making the company  more solid and progressing further.

The company is having about 300 artisans, artists and staffs, has probably produced the most number of stained glass custom works in the world.

The company’s theme are : Reliability, Quality, Value, Service, Creativity, Design and Different.

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Board of Management

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    Ken Yaputra

    Deputy CEO

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    Brian Yaputra


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    Mounty Yaputra


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